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To all my daily shampooers, STOP!!!! There are so may time and money saving options out there to help you create beautiful great-smelling second day hair….  For Straight Hair Styles First up we have Aveda’s shampure™ dry shampoo, this amazing product revives hair with naturally derived powders that absorb excess oil and impurities and is suitable for all hair types. Not only does it help revive your hair, it is a great root booster for fine flat hair - it really pumps up the volume. Now this is no ordinary dry shampoo because it is free of butan and any other petroleum products!  How to use: • Tip bottle upside down. Return upright. Turn cap to expose nozzle. • Lightly squeeze bottle to puff powder at roots. (Squeeze bottle very lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff. Tip bottle as needed to    increase powder flow.) • Massage powder into your scalp and restyle as desired. TIPS • Hold the base of the cap firmly in place with one hand and turn the top to expose the nozzle. • Make sure to turn the cap closed when you're finished to avoid spills     For Curly Hair Styles Okay curly girls I have the product for you too! Rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher instantly cleanse scalp and refresh hair and texture with no-rinse micellar technology. Rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher revives and refreshes second-day styles with naturally derived styling polymers that help tame frizz for up to 72 hours – even in intense humidity. Suitable for slightly wavy to very tight coily hair textures, and it is 97% naturally derived. This is a game changer!!!! How to use: Shake well. For scalp: part hair, hold bottle 4-6 inches away from target area. Apply as desired and massage in. To refresh hair: hold bottle 6-8 inches away and dampen hair, roots to ends. Air-dry or heat style to redefine your style. Thermal Styling on Second Day Hair Alright so its day two and you want to curl your hair or flatiron it, what should you use to protect your hair without weighing it down or making it greasy? Try heat relief™ thermal protector & conditioning mist, this amazing product protects hair from heat during restyling. It instantly conditions dry hair to add softness and shine and infuses hair with calming shampure™ aroma.  How to use :   Just spay product on midshaft and ends of hair and then style as need this will protect your hair for burning during re-styling. But please remember not to turn your irons all the way up to save time I promise on the second day your hair will be submissive to you there is no need in burning your beautiful locks.
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Fire Nature So you have taken the questionnaire and you are a Fire nature. The following information has been gathered to help you to understand your nature when you are balanced and when you are out of balance. And what helps to keep your nature balanced and happy. Balanced Nature Characteristics Very Intelligent Organized and precise Good decision makers Good leaders Usually very focused Preference for routine Excellent teachers and speakers Out of Balanced Characteristics Anger easily Irritable, little patients Judgmental Intimidation Cruel or harsh to others Stubborn Sensory experience: Fire is linked to the sense of Sight Mind Set: Sharp, intellectual mind they have strong views and argue there points well are ambitious  leaders   Body Type:  tend to be solid athletic type build, medium build, good sleeper needs less than most Skin Type: “shouting skin” sensitive skin  fire natures soft fine skin that is a warm and radiant when  balanced when out of balance they can sun damage easily and are prone to allergies, occasional breakouts eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.   Hair: usually thin hair with oily roots they tend to gray early and balding Temperatures: favor cool temperatures, light sheets for bedding Exercise: walking, mediation, and light weight lifting Foods to avoid: spicy, acidic, and salty food will cause digestion issues Foods to eat: Cool foods and liquids to balance the fire Wellness techniques : Close eyes cover with palms of hands and hold. Breathe deeply and exhale 9 times. Aromatherapy is a quick way to create balance as well. The following is a list of essential oils  Fire natures Geranium : restore balance to mature sensitive and uneven skins, promotes stress reduction, induces contractions, heals scares, promotes cell growth. Ylang Ylang:  eases tension, helps fight depression and uplifts mood, stops sebum secretion, increase libido, reduces blood pressure, cures nervous disorders, comforts and balances skin and scalp. Sandalwood: Calms senses, promotes focus, grounds feelings, helps tone and balance dry mature and oily skin, comforts skin after its skin after it has been shaved, sooths inflammation due to fever, tightens muscles, stops hair fall out, heals scars, keep skin smooth and free of infection, boost health and immunity Peppermint: aids in pain relief, induce numbness, relaxes spasm, stops hair falling out, lifts skin, induces firmness in muscles, good for brain and memory, warming, clears congestion and eases breathing good for stomach, contracts blood vessels  
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Infinity and Air So you have taken the questionnaire and you are an Infinity or an Air. The following information has been gathered to help you to understand your nature when you are in balance and when you are out of balance. And what helps to keep your nature balanced and happy. General characteristics when balanced : Strong Short-term memory Quick moving, agile Likes experiencing new things Talkative Great communication skills Adapts to change easily Creative When nature is out of balance: Nervousness and Anxiety Agitated mentally Worried Forgetful Unreliable Too talkative or too quick to speak Weakened digestion Next, I want to help you to stay balanced these things can make or break your balance. Sensory experience: Infinity is linked to the sense of Sound and is experience through the ears. Air is linked to the sense of touch and experience through the skin. The mind set of and Infinity or an Air is open, thinks quickly and often. These individuals are very creative people, artist, engineers, architects, musicians.  Mind Set: Open (expansive) mind and thinks quickly and often Body Type:  light, smaller build, difficulty gaining weight. Light sleepers Skin Type: unusually dry skin, thin skin, Hair: Dry and thin Temperatures: love warm weather, warm blankets, normally cold natured people Types of beverages: warm, calming caffeine-free tea Exercise: Yoga, Pilates and meditation Foods to avoid: Dry and bitter foods (salty chips, sour food)  Do eat food on a regular basis. Regular food intake is highly recommended  Infinity and Air Natures are normally high energy people. Doing yoga, Pilates and meditation helps to ground this nature. Being grounded helps with anxiety and helps keep you in the moment. Having lots of energy and being on the nervous side Caffeine should be only injected in the morning because it can cause loss of sleep.  Aromatherapy is a quick and easy way to create balance the following are a few essential oils that Aveda has provided our spa to use as well as sell to our guest to help create balance in each persons nature   Infinity natures Lavender :Helps calm anxious and stressed clients, sleep inducing, can be used as a disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory, pain relief, helps with respiratory disorders, great to add to skin care and hair care products for healthy Vanilla: helps to lift mood, has a tranquilizing effect on mood when inhaled, is great for skin because it helps neutralize the effects of free radical and oxidants and repairs damage due to oxidation, enhances libido and promotes arousal, inhabits growth of cancerous cells Cinnamon bark/ clove:  Helps to promote relaxation, is antimicrobial, it has a stimulating warming affect, great to use on skin infections, helps with blood circulation, healing pain relief, mensural relief, and menstruation problems. Air natures Jasmine: helps fight depression and uplifts mood , protects wounds form infection, increases libido, helps muscle spasms, heals scars, helps with labor pains. Patchouli : fights depression uplifts mood, increase libido heals scars, promotes cell growth,  drives away body odor, kills fungus and insects, and sedates emotional and nervous disturbances Rose –fight depression and uplifts mood, soothes inflammation due to fever, fights viral infections, enhances libido and inhibits bacterial growth

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